Finally, its a time to answer to the most asked question of these few month by thousand of people. So the answer is pretty simple, it is my dream word extracted from the name of goddess, Pathivara Mata.

This name started when I was trying to buy the domain name which will denote to the Pathivara Mata. But neither or was available. So I decided to add alphabet “i” in the front as it denote internet.

Now this name was finally available and I owned it, I decided to make its use. One day I was browsing over the internet and got an idea of developing a code-base for all the fresher and experienced developer who wants to explore more in a very short period of time. I start the project in January and start modifying the CodeIgniter’s core engine to make it fast, and more secure. I choose CodeIgniter because it was really light-weight, and was just 2 Mb on size.

In the process, I found over the internet that people are selling admin panel which is actually available for free. Just download it for free, converting it with CodeIgniter, and sell it for about $12. I hate that. Now, I decided to stop these bad technique. So I purchase one admin panel from and integrated it on the code-base. I write some libraries, used some free plugins and changed the CodeIgniter entirely. The project was almost finished. Just about 25% or less was left and I got a job at Pearl Organisation.

I decided to use and try its speed and its security. I started to develop a project with the base code of iPatco and developed a multi-vendor shopping cart. within 8 days more than 50% of the site was ready and the speed was really awesome.

I checked with the security and I was really impressed with it. Four layers I used just for login was working very fast and smoothly for the best security on the login.

Now I was really happy and decided to make it open source. I published it on after successfully testing on 4 different categories of the websites.

I taught iPatco to 4 of my office colleagues, and they are developing a website in just a matter of days. A full working website for online PG renting was developed in 5 days, just working about 5 hour a day. This was really impressive. It was there, where it should be.

But iPatco was not limited over there. I thought to take it to the next level. But due to a load of work on office and my responsibilities toward my office never let me do so. Then I dropped an idea of regular update of the repository and decided to update every third Saturday of the month.

But just learning and understanding the internet, I start searching for cool stuff on the internet. I came to found that Google is providing this plan called Google Suite. I decided to try it out. So, I purchased it. Now, I got a very best chance to explore google suite. And I learned about it. After some day, one of my old friend told me about Google Business. I decided to try it also.

Then I registered for Google Business. It got registered and google also verified it. I choosed Software Company for registration but due to the policy violation, iPatco got rejected again by Google.

After this mistake, I learned about Google Business. A lot of people was confused about me and this iPatco. Most of the people were thinking that I am trying to start an IT company, but this is absolutely wrong. I do very cool stuff with this name but actually, it is like a book for me. I learned very much fom this name.

Now I am trying to learn about how to Google search algorithm work and ho I can write such algorithm which is not only fast but also 100% correct and reliable, so that I can use that algorithm on any website I code. One thing for sure, If I will be able to write such an algorithm, It will be available in for absolutely free, so that everyone will be able to use on their website.

No matter what iPatco will be in the future, but for now the initial goal of iPatco is to provide free and open source code of PHP for all.

A last I just want to mention that, there are much more ideas for free code base on my mind and I really want to share it with you all. But let just leave it for next blog.

Thank you for reading. Keep loving and I will see you in my next blog. Bye Bye…

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