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Spiderman: Far From Home review

And finally, after waiting for such a long time, today I finally saw Spiderman: Far From Home. First of all, this is my honest review, so I am not judging the movie. I am not any type of critic. This is only a review of how I feel about the movie.

Of course, the movie was really awesome and it was also fantastic. I enjoyed the movie and never got bored at the theatre. Screenplay, Action and the Cast were the plus point for this movie. But actually, it was not up to mark. I thought before going to the movie, that it would be one complete package after Avengers: Endgame but it disappointed me. I was feeling like the movie was not a superhero franchise but a love story movie. The action in the movie was not sufficient for the superhero movie.

For a comic book fan like me, the movie was ripped off of Comic. The story was totally messed up and the mysterio character’s backstory was like the story of a kid.

Finally, I just want to give 7 out of 10 for this movie. 1 for a minimum action scene, 1 for Mysterio backstory and 1 for making more romantic than action superhero.

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