Everyday we learn something new and something motivational. Today, like all of us, learned something very important. Never Trust Anyone. For the past few month, I was being trusting someone who was really bullshit.

Leaving that guy apart, I also learned that no matter how many people you help, they will not be with you when you need them. Giving you all reader the example, I helped one man in his very bad moment. I stand for him and support in his every path. But at the end, he made the fun of my work, my job and my life. He told that I am not trust worthy. I don’t know why, but he lost the trust from me with just few of his statement.

I hate those people who think that I should never become successful. To be frank, no one in the world can stop me from being myself, that means working for an organization, for the better future of not only my future but also for the shinny new day of the organization. Now a days, people are jellos of my success. But you know what, I don’t care and I will never do.

She came into my life 2 year back and changed my life entirely. She gave me the hope, a light to find the good path in my life. And since then, I do everything to get her. I promised her that I will be a very successful person and show the world what I can do. After that, I start working very hard and I am currently near to that goal. But due to some misunderstanding, I think now it will take some more time to reach there.

At last, I only want to say that no matter what you think about me, you will never understand why I am so loyal to everyone. I am a puzzle that will never be solved and no one in the world will be able to solve me.

Finally, no need to think that I am targeting someone through my blog, but no, I am not targeting all, but only 3 bullshit guys who try to ruin my life.

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