JQuery is one of my favorites framework for web development. I have been using it for a really long time. Since its version 1, I am been using it and the updates are really appreciable. Basically, JQuery is a tiny framework or you can say it a library of Javascript. It has purified the javascript and make very easy to learn. I don’t know much about Javascript but I know a lot about JQuery.

There are a lot of developers who don’t accept the fact that JQuery is the only thing that is must in any website. It is not because we cannot make a website without JQuery but the actual fact is we are so much habitat to JQuery, that we need to use it to increase the productivity of the website and to save out time. JQuery’s syntax is really easy to learn and understand. Implementing Logic and giving the finishing touch to the website are the major 2 factors that make me love JQuery.

Another fact that attracts me toward JQuery is its community and the plugins available for JQuery. There are Hundred of Thousand of the plugin available for free as well as paid. They will be lightweight and very compactable for every browser. Some of the common things we use are Slider, Testimonial, Chat, etc. These are the most require and used sections on any website. The developers’ communities and the solutions can be found very easily on the StackOverflow. If I am stuck on any problem related to JQuery, I just can Googe it and can find really approprite answer in just couple of second. That’s the reason, I love JQuery.

I have to say, JQuery is not only now the part of web development but also the part of web developer like me.



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