I was trying to get motivated to start my career as a web developer. So, I decided to go on YouTube and watch some motivational videos. And finally, I watched some of the videos available on that platform. I was really motivated for around 2 minutes. I opened my laptop and turn it on. Once my laptop was on, I feel like its a time to sleep. What a motivation…

My life was not as people think it is. Actually, I have had a lot of trouble starting my career. Not only at the starting but it was much more complicated when she came into my life. Dropped out of the college. Leaving my post graduation and leaving everything I was standing, just for 1 girl. I went home after all that.

When I was at my home, neighbor were really f*cking bitches and relatives “No Words for Relatives”. I was really on tension and all the people were trying to make me feel NULL and were hating me. Their sight for me was like I cannot do anything. That day I promised myself to show all of those people what I am capable of. I was silence that time.

I am going home and I am going via a flight. It’s my first flight and I purchased my ticket myself from my saving and Salary. I am going to show them now because I have a most satisfying job and lovable people around me, who guide me on my wrong path and help me on my difficult time.

I learned to find good in people and ignore those who are trying to push you down. It a new day and the Prashant Rijal 2.0 is back. Now its time to Confuse them with your silence and shock them wih your result.

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Niraj · 8th July 2019 at 12:16 pm

Best post so far! World’s bitch, and doesn’t care about your self-esteem. No exceptions!

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