Again a same story of my life. Love, that taught me about the life and the power I have inside me. Just noticed that, Love is every thing, but it cannot be explained in a single post. Her name is something that explains everything we all learned for our life.

I saw her for the first time and thanks to Pathivara Mata, I was in love. Just talking with her and becoming friend, chatting for hours on WhatsApp, are some of the beautiful moment I have with her.

Let’s begin the story from the absolute beginning. It was the 17th of August, 2017 where I saw her. I don’t want to take the name of the location where I saw her for the first time, but it was somewhere on Dehradun. The most hilarious moment was that she was wearing a blue jean shirt and black pant. I have no idea but I do remember that moment.

I love her soo much, no one on the world can make me forgot her. I know that we cannot be together but I just want to give her all the happiness of the world. No matter what happens to me in the future, but I have a very good plan to make a better future of her by not only supporting her on every path she walks but also finding a better path for her to walk on.

Oh yeah, I purposed her and haven’t heart any response from her and it been more than 1.5 years. Sometimes I just think that what would happen if we were together. What if we were not only together but we were everything for each other?

I missed her soo much. I always miss her. No matter what I do, or where I am, there is one part of my brain which will always project her image and that’s the only thing which gave me the strength to do my work successfully.

A message for my life: No matter what happen with us, no matter there will be a country’s barrier, no matter where you will be or whare I will be, I will always love you with my soul and always move on with just one vision,and that is to get you.

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